Career guidance for students

MillenniumOne offers career counselling for students to help them understand their professional options and how to pursue them. We offer guidance to help candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as which vocation would be best for them. With the help of experienced consultants, we help candidates gain the confidence they need to make the best career decisions in life.

With the end of school education, a new chapter in your life begins one in which you must start making important professional decisions. You must have a solid foundation to transition smoothly from school to employment. Taking this into account, we provide consultation to give you a thorough understanding of the career options available to you and how to pursue them. Our career guidance for students takes place in 12 sessions. We conduct counseling in the following ways:

  • Understand aptitude
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Master classes on different careers
  • Choose a stream after Grade 10
  • Introduction to profile building
  • Internships
  • International opportunities
  • Parent sessions and PTM

We help students recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and skills and direct them towards the right path to achieve long-term goals.

Our mentors give the psychometric test to the children to determine their cognitive abilities. Our psychometric analysis is divided into several individual sessions to get a better understanding of the child's learning capabilities. To determine a child's cognitive ability, IQ tests or intelligence tests are used.

To prepare students for the future, our experts offer master classes in subjects such as science, mathematics, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, spoken English, public speaking, coding classes, music, painting, drama, games, and more.

Our experts guide students in deciding on a career path after tenth grade. We assist candidates in selecting the appropriate stream, which will determine their entire future. Our career counsellors direct learners in the right direction and provide professional advice to help them make the best professional decision possible.

The goal of developing a candidate's profile is to create a portfolio that reflects their passion and qualities. To advance your educational goals, we conduct activities that raise awareness of your skills and achievements thereby building your profile. We focus on your leadership qualities and creativity to prepare you for college after graduating from high school.

MillenniumOne offers two virtual internships and one summer internship to provide students with real-world work experience.

Our career guidance and counselling will assist you in deciding which courses to take to prepare you for a variety of jobs in the international market. Significant insights are given on which streams to pursue to advance your position in the global arena.

Our counsellors provide parents with a detailed report on their ward’s interests and capabilities during parent-teachers sessions. The mentors share the student’s academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, and assignments.

Career counseling by expert mentors

Career counsellors at MillenniumOne are experts in child psychology as well as the field in which they are advising students - humanities, management, hospitality, etc. Our guides are familiar with the student's behaviour and personality, as well as how to guide their thoughts in the right direction. Our career consultant services use a scientific approach to help candidates choose the best vocation.

Assess strengths and weaknesses

Our expert guides examine each student's potential and passion for a certain activity. Before recommending a stream, experts assess a candidate's strengths and weaknesses from their achievement and aptitude tests. Based on the abilities of students, career guidance is provided.

Knowledge about different streams

The expert counselors at MillenniumOne advise students on what courses and educational programs would suit them to pursue their goals. Consultants discuss with the candidates the various streams available after grade 10. Candidates are let know about the advantages and disadvantages of majoring in Science, Commerce, or Arts & Humanities. They can make a pertinent decision about their future by assessing the benefits of taking up a particular stream.

Parents’ expectations

Before guiding students our counsellors speak with parents to learn about their perspectives on their child's career. The parents are then informed about their children's interests and potentials. The desired career path is advised based on the interests of candidates and the perspectives of guardians.

Regular follow-up

Our consultants follow up with the child and their parents regularly on the professional advice they've given. Mentors, students, and parents are in constant contact with each other discussing the right career plans and future goals.