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  • Why should you choose MillenniumOne?

    MillenniumOne is an effort by the Millennium Group of Schools to provide quality education, hand-holding and ensure child's readiness for the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the future. MillenniumOne delivers academic excellence and all-round development, and holistic growth in a comprehensive, beautifully blended program. We give your child a 'school after school' managed by experienced educators and rely on experienced teachers who have worked with children for years honing their skills. The program intends to complement the academic curriculum.

    MillenniumOne is not in the business of commercialising education; its vision is to ensure quality education, adding value to students' academics and building skills to ensure readiness for future needs.

  • How do I register for a free trial class?

    You can register for a free trial class by giving us a missed call on +91 9582582935. An academic counsellor from our team will get in touch with you and schedule a lesson. You can also schedule it yourself by registering on the website directly

  • Are the classes mapped to the school syllabus/curriculum?

    Yes, all our classes and content are mapped as per the CBSE board curriculum.

  • Should I enrol my child for MillenniumOne classes if they are engaged with tuition after school?

    Tuition centres are unable to provide personalized learning and the best quality teachers. Moreover, future-ready skills like Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communication skills are equally important but are not catered to in the regular curriculum. This program is being delivered by a school institution with expertise in conducting quality education programs and managing each child's needs.

  • How are our teachers different?

    Our teachers nurture deep-rooted conceptual foundations, counsel and holistically guide the students regarding various aspects of the curriculum, unlike a regular tuition teacher who only aims to complete the syllabus. These teachers have more than 10 years of experience in the education field and come from India’s finest institutes (Millennium Schools, DPS, GD Goenka, Vidya Mandir classes, etc.)

  • Do we conduct tests and do we give homework?

    We follow a rigorous and scientific approach to testing. Students participate in short, interactive assessments during each class. After the class, they receive personalized homework assignments specific to their learning needs. We also have regular tests after completing each topic where we provide a detailed assessment of students' performance. Finally, we conduct full-length examinations and test series designed to improve and hone students' test-taking abilities.

  • How do I clear my doubts?

    We have subject matter experts for each subject available on call to instantly clear doubts. Students will also be able to clear their doubts on a WhatsApp group or via email.

  • Can a student's progress be tracked?

    We have a personalized dashboard for each student and parent to track the former's progress in different subjects and chapters. Our dedicated mentors also provide weekly progress updates for each student. In addition to academics, the progress on soft-skills of the student is monitored and updated to parents.

  • Do we get certification for the enrolled courses?

    Yes, depending on the package the student has been enrolled for, we provide several different certifications, such as

    • Leadership Skills
    • Entrepreneurship Classes
    • Public Speaking
    • Spoken English
  • What happens when I miss my scheduled class?

    Recording of each class is visible on our platform and can be accessed by a student anytime. Moreover, the same topic would be covered multiple times over the program's duration, and our team will help schedule an extra class as and when required. The vision of MillenniumOne is to ensure the all-round development of a student. If a student misses a class or needs additional help in a subject, our experts provide the required assistance on a one-on-one basis.


  • What are the different payment methods?
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
    • UPI(Paytm/GPay)
    • Bank Transfer
    • EMI Option
  • What are the different packages available?
    • iAspire
    • iShine
    • iExcel
    • iTransform
  • Why are future ready skills critical?

    We strongly believe that several aspects of a child's overall development get neglected in our current education system. Skills such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Communication determine how far a child can go in life. Unfortunately, academics help the child only to a certain extent. We ensure your child is future-ready by providing priceless opportunities to develop these skills by working on real-life projects with top industry professionals. We believe that developing these skills early will give your child a competitive edge in the future in all walks of life.

  • Do you conduct classes for Spoken English?

    To enhance the quality of learning and achieve optimal outcomes, mastering a language is very critical. We have tie-ups with international partners for a structured, outcome-driven spoken English program. We help struggling speakers build command over the language, pronunciation , fluency, articulation, and sentence construction and enable fluent English speakers to master the language to match up to international standards.

  • How do you work on the public speaking capabilities of students?

    We have tied up with the international youth leadership program of Toastmasters International, where we give children the opportunity to learn and present before a global audience.

  • Can I attend trial classes for future-ready skills?

    Yes, you can sign up for free sessions on various future-ready skills by calling on +91 9582582935 or by registering on the following link (Insert link). You can also sign up for a free trial by paying a nominal registration fee. This will give you a comprehensive understanding and experience of the MillenniumOne offering and its unique advantages for your child.

  • What is the batch size of a class?

    We maintain small batch sizes of 15-20 students, unlike other platforms, so that each student can interact with the teachers during the class enabling us to deliver high quality, personalised learning for all students.

  • What is the refund policy?

    We offer a 15-day full refund policy.

  • Who would be the point of contact after the enrolment is completed?

    We assign a dedicated personal mentor for each child, who would be the first point of contact for the student and parent.

  • How does a mentor help my child?

    Our mentors are there with the student at every step of the program. They are present in the class with the students to motivate them and ensure the class goes smoothly. The mentor is always available to guide and counsel the child. Moreover, the mentor helps with scheduling issues/ extra classes, ensures feedback from the child/parent reaches the concerned person and is duly incorporated, provides weekly updates on the child's progress and performance.