Unique homework assignments

Our holistic approach to homework assignment creation incorporates the best learning practices, including auditory and visual learning, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Our expert facilitators and mentors make learning after school enjoyable by assisting students in mastering concepts and developing good self-study skills. Students benefit from the assignments in the following ways:

We develop each child's inherent potential by helping them study at home and bringing about holistic development by using Millennium Learning SystemTM (MLS), a child-centric unique curriculum that uses an innovative pedagogy.


Students revise all of the topics they learned in class with our homework assignments. This aids in the development of their memory and learning abilities.

Parent participation

Our homework support for parents ensures that guardians are aware of the subjects and topics that their children are studying in the school. Parents are also involved in the learning process of their children and become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses through the assignments.


We ensure that the learners try problems or exercises on their own. This instills in them the value of self-study, which is impossible to achieve in a classroom setting. We give homework regularly to help students understand the importance of personal studies.


Our homework assignments train students on how to work on their own. When students are having difficulty with assignments, they must make their own decisions, which teach them to complete any task independently.

Critical thinking

Students can use homework to practice critical thinking. We create assignments that are tailored to the specific needs of each student. Children's creativity skills are honed through our assignments.

Packages for different requirements

MillenniumOne offers different information sharing and education programs according to the needs of each child.

➤  iAspire (Academic Excellence)

➤  iTransform (Revolutionary Transformation)

➤  iShine (Future Readiness)

Our iAspire package includes homework support for students in which we provide after-school studies.

  • Homework support for students
  • Student profiling and psychometric assessment
  • Homework guidance from subject matter experts
  • Instant doubt clearing session
  • Content repository access
  • Dedicated mentor

Our mentors create personalized homework assignments that keep in mind each ward's learning needs. The after-school study ensures that the assignments provide benefits to mentors, children, and parents alike. We provide assignments to help in the child's overall development.

We begin by creating a detailed profile of each ward. The goal is set and discussed how to achieve them with the mentors, keeping the abilities of the student in mind. A psychometric report of the student is prepared through aptitude tests, personality tests, and skill tests as part of our homework support for kids, and guidance is provided based on individual requirements.

Our subject matter experts help students develop deep conceptual foundations, counsel them, and provide holistic guidance on various aspects of the curriculum. Our mentors, with a wealth of knowledge in the field of education, use homework to assess whether or not learners have grasped the topics taught in class and then proceed accordingly.

After-school assignments provide mentors with a clear indication of which topics may require additional attention due to difficulty faced by some students. We have subject matter experts on call to answer questions right away. Students will also be able to get answers to their questions through a WhatsApp group or via email.

The content repository contains online resources and technology tools to assist students in their learning. Mentors and mentees can use the repository to work toward a common goal of academic excellence for students.

Our mentors assist students with their homework assignments regularly. The child can complete their homework on time, thanks to the guidance and counseling of mentors. Homework is assigned to students based on their learning capacities to address specific areas where they are having difficulty. The assignment is used as a form of student feedback. Mentors provide updates to guardians as part of our homework support for parents.