How students are benefitted from our online Maths classes

Our online Maths courses have been designed to satisfy the individual needs of students. We customize lessons to meet the requirements of candidates while adhering to the CBSE Class X Maths syllabus. Our cutting-edge digital approach enables learners to grasp and solve algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric concepts with ease. Learn how our online classes for Class 10 students benefit them in a variety of ways.

  • Standardized classes
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Homework assignments
  • Access to recordings
  • Revision of topics
  • Interaction with teachers
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Tests and exams

MillenniumOne holds online classes following all the educational guidelines. While conducting the class, the teachers create personalized teaching plans based on the needs of the students and provide tailored guidance. Mentors conduct psychometric and chapter-by-chapter assessments. For each topic and subtopic, the mentors use animation videos. Teachers also provide topic-specific question banks and topic-specific leveled practice questions.

Learners can study from the comfort of their own homes with our online classes for Class X Maths. Candidates can use all of the resources at their homes or other study locations while doing class. A computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet is enough to attend classes. We provide lesson plans via e-lectures, PDFs, video calls, and emails making access to course materials simple.

MillenniumOne helps students with their after-school learning. Our holistic approach combines auditory and visual methods to provide the best learning experiences, allowing students to practice Mathematics at home and at their own pace. Candidates receive homework assignments specific to their learning needs after the online class is completed. All of the topics learned in classes can be revised while doing homework. Our homework assignments provide the opportunity to do self-study, clear doubts, and prepare for the next class.

Online classes for Class X Maths are fast-paced and in-depth, and it can be difficult for students to grasp everything at a go. Taking this into account, we provide recordings of each class that learners can access at any time. If someone misses a class, they can watch the recordings and benefit in the same way they would if they had attended it.

Most Mathematics topics necessitate knowledge of theories, proofs, and formulas. Students should review their lecture notes and syllabus guides to see what knowledge they have gained in preparation for the exam. Teachers at MillenniumOne revise the same topic several times throughout the program to make the student's exams ready. Our team of mentors also assists candidates in scheduling extra classes as needed.

Teachers provide individual attention in our online classes for Class X students. Mentors have direct contact with students which allows them to clarify their doubts. If someone misses a class or requires additional assistance in a subject, our experts provide one-on-one assistance.

Each student has a personalized dashboard that parents can use to monitor their ward's progress. The dashboard is a window into a student's learning development and growth. Our mentors also keep track of each student's progress every week.

We conduct regular tests to see if the students have understood the fundamental mathematical concepts. Students' progress reports help them in gaining ground in areas where they may have slipped behind. Candidates can get beneficial insights from online tests and exam reports to improve their performance and score higher on final exams.