Social Studies with a Unique Perspective

Our class VIII social studies courses focus on helping the children to build a better relationship with the society they live in by giving them the best knowledge of different elements of it. Our online classes for class 8 students have been designed to satisfy their individual needs. Our advanced online social studies classes ensure that students get the best knowledge to excel in their academics. All our classes follow the CBSE board's curriculum. When it comes to teaching our students, we follow a unique approach in the following ways:

  • We include visual content like animation videos for each topic and sub-topic so that the learners get the opportunity to visualize the content and learn the lessons in a better way.
  • Mind-maps diagram makers are given to the candidate so that they get a better knowledge of what they are learning.
  • At MillenniumOne, learners are encouraged to think out of the box so that they make connections with the topics being taught.
  • We offer a three-month crash course for students in grade 8th. Our social studies crash course evaluates students' knowledge, familiarizes them with all of the vital topics in history, social and political life, and geography, and offers a benchmark by which they can evaluate themselves at each stage.
  • Our very talented faculty provides interactive worksheets and quizzes, a topic-wise question bank, topic-wise leveled practice questions during our online social studies class.
  • At the end of every chapter, our teachers regularly perform chapter-wise assessments and corrections.

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in Our Online 8th Standard Social Studies Classes

At MillenniumOne, we consider that every student has an innate potential that can be harnessed to bring out their best version. We are one of the top online learning platforms that offer candidates an advanced educational experience. Being an important point in the life of a student, Class VIII requires a lot of hard work and correct guidance. We try to offer the best education and knowledge to the students in our online classes. MillenniumOne offers plenty of reasons to enroll your children in our online classes for class 8 social studies which you can read below.

  • Interactive Sessions with Our Skilled Teachers
  • One-on-One Teacher Guidance
  • Extra Classes
  • Homework Assignments
  • Regular Tests and Exams

Online classes at MillenniumOne are extremely interactive and are conducted by our highly talented and skilled teachers. These classes ensure continuous learning. During these classes, students can clear their doubts right away. Also, social studies teachers are available on call and wards can clear their doubts instantly.

Our teachers provide one-on-one guidance to the learners. They keep a record of the learning graph of our students and advise how they can study better and improve in areas where they are a little weak so that they can score good marks in their exams.

Students at MillenniumOne receive personalized extra classes, according to their requirements. Candidates can select and attend extra classes if they have missed any online classes or if they have a doubt regarding any chapters. Students can make use of these extra classes to understand the concepts they are not clear about or to study for their examinations.

We help our students with their after-school learning. Candidates are given personalized homework assignments specific to their education needs after the online class is completed. Learners can review all of the topics they studied in classes while doing homework. Our homework assignments offer the opportunity to carry out self-study, clear doubts, and get ready for the next class.

We conduct regular tests and exams to check if the students have proper knowledge of what they have learned in their classes. They provide us feedback on the candidate’s progress and help us to identify those areas which have not been well-learned by a student. Learners can acquire helpful insights from online tests and exam reports to improve their performance and attain higher marks on final exams.