What you will learn at MillenniumOne?

In the world of rapid-development and quick innovations, kids must have the knowledge and understanding of technology from the early stage that would take care of their artistic quality and keep them competitive and spirited at every step.

Online coding classes are no more an added learning activity, they are rather an important subject that must be included in the academic syllabus. With every passing day, our bond with the technology enhances and we take a step forward towards a digital future. We at MillenniumOne offer the best coding courses for kids to make them future-ready

In simple words, coding is just a method of communication with the computer. It is a great skill for your kids to learn regardless of what age group they are in. We teach coding to your kids in a very easy and interesting way so that they do not get confused and make your child fall in love with what they are learning. It is taught to them through different games and projects. MillenniumOne offers the best coding classes for kids. Our courses cover the following topics:

  • Coding, Introduction to Coding and App Development
  • Game development and simulations
  • Introduction of AI, AI with Python
  • Basics of web development
  • Understanding of JavaScript

Why enroll in our online coding classes?

MillenniumOne believes every kid has an inborn potential that can be harnessed to bring out their best version. We offer the best education and make sure that your child is ready for the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required in the future. MillenniumOne provides the top academic brilliance and all-around development in a comprehensive and seamlessly blended manner. We also offer the best coding classes for kids that are usually high on logical reasoning, ideation, as well as the knowledge that interests the child to learn more about the technologies. During the learning process, students are taken through many game and programming or mobile application development projects. We offer unmatched benefits to enroll your kids in our online coding classes, such as:

  • Live Classes
  • Experienced and skilled teachers
  • Flexible and convenient online classes
  • Certification after completion of the course
  • Customized curriculum
  • Projects connected to real life

Attending online classes, your child gets constant and personal attention from the teacher which is not possible in group classes. Also, online classes let your kids attend live sessions comfortably from their home itself. We try to provide the best education and knowledge to the students in our live classes.

We have an extremely talented and experienced teaching staff that comes from different computer science backgrounds. They teach the kids different coding programs using different games and projects. They make the whole learning process very easy and entertaining.

Our online coding classes for kids are very much flexible and convenient. The students have the freedom to schedule their classes according to their choice and convenience.

Our coding classes help your child to be future-ready. These classes offer priceless opportunities to the kids to develop their skills by working on real-life projects. The students are provided with certifications, after successfully completing their course, depending on the package they have been enrolled in.

We offer customized curriculum for online coding classes to the kids so that they can prepare themselves for academics and beyond. The coding class syllabus helps in meeting the interest, needs, learning, and style of your child.

The students here are offered project-based knowledge. Our coding classes teach your kids to create projects with ideas from real life, using project and design-based teaching methodology.