Why choose MillenniumOne online classes?

In today’s time, online learning has become a common culture due to the digitization of the educational scenario. Digital learning is not difficult anymore, all you require is an interactive learning platform that can help you to learn and understand better. Presently, the trend of e-learning is on the boom and students now prefer to attend online classes from the comfort of their homes.

MillenniumOne is one of the top online learning platforms that offer students an advanced educational experience by combining highly talented teachers and innovative skills. Enrolling your ward in our online classes allows them to develop their strength, increase their abilities and realize their dreams.

Live classes for students

With auditory and visual learning modules, our holistic approach offers the best learning environment, enabling students to learn comfortably in their homes. We offer 12 live sessions every week embedding constructive and innovative learning to improve academic scores.

Dedicated mentors

We have dedicated mentor facilities for the students who guide them during the course. The mentor is always available to counsel and guide the students at every step. They also help the learners with solving issues and also offer extra classes to clear their confusion. The mentors also make sure that the feedback from the child or the parent reaches the concerned person and is properly incorporated. They also offer weekly updates on the progress and performance of the child.

Instant doubt clearing classes

MillenniumOne offers instant doubt clearing sessions to the learners. Subject matter experts are available on call and students can clear their doubts instantly. Also, children can clear their doubts on the dedicated WhatsApp group or through email.

Practice and revision sessions

We follow a rigorous practice and revision session so that the child has a better understanding of what they are learning. Short and interactive assessments are conducted during each class. Students, as a part of their revision session, get personalized homework assignments particular to their learning needs. After completing each topic, we conduct regular tests where we offer a detailed assessment of the performance of the students.

Study anywhere at anytime

Recording of each class is available on our digital learning platform that can be accessed by a student anytime and from anywhere. Also, the same topic is covered several times over the course’s duration so that the students never miss anything. However, if a child misses a class or requires additional help in a subject, our experts offer the necessary online assistance on a one-on-one basis.

Track your child’s progress

Each student at MillenniumOne has a personalized dashboard that helps parents to track their ward’s progress in different subjects. Weekly progress updates for each student are also provided by our mentors to the parents. The student’s progress on soft skills is monitored and updated to parents, in addition to regular academic classes.

Different packages for different needs at MillenniumOne

MillenniumOne is one of the top online learning platforms that offer top educational practices in digital learning. We offer different packages for the different needs of the students.

  • iAspire
  • iShine
  • iTransform

Students who want to excel in their academic careers can choose this package consisting of three segments:

➤  Academic mastery

➤  Homework support, and

➤  Crash course

  • The Academic Mastery package provides 280 sessions to the students. You can also book a free demo class to know more about the course.
  • The Homework Support package offers services like homework guidance from subject matter experts, instant doubt clearing sessions, support on live classes, etc.
  • The Crash Course package offers services like advanced math and science classes, on-call doubt clearing, personalized mentoring, etc.

Under this package, we offer the best courses for students to make them future-ready.

  • The Future Skills Mastery package offers 280 sessions to the students.
  • Nurturing Individual Skills package offers various skill development courses.
  • The Coding Course package offers students with services like student profiling and psychometric assessment, dedicated mentor, live classes, etc.

The package offers a total of 500 sessions and covers various segments that include:

  • Pre-Onboarding
  • Future Ready Skills
  • On-Boarding
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mentoring
  • Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Competency
  • Academics
  • Career planning
  • Creative Skill