Why enroll in our Personality Development Classes?

A child's personality is shaped by a collection of traits, behaviors, and attitudes. Personalities can be developed both at home and in school. At the school level, personality development programs are available to help children develop their abilities, learn new skills, and communicate with the outer world.

Every child possesses a unique set of abilities that, when properly nurtured, bring out the best in them. Enrolling the child in personality development classes allows them to develop their strength, expand their abilities, and realize their dreams.

MillenniumOne’s advanced personality development course is structured in such a way that each child learns about and develops their innate qualities to the full potential. The curriculum ensures that every child develops at their own pace and level. Following advantages are available to students who enroll in our personality development classes:

  • Recognize their abilities.
  • Gain confidence in interacting with others.
  • Be able to express their thoughts and ideas in a clear, convincing, and precise manner.
  • Learn about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Manage emotions and stress.
  • Present them most appealingly.
  • Gain acceptance from peers and teams.

Our personality development curriculum

MillenniumOne’s personality development program for students takes great care to ensure that your child’s personality is fully developed and enhanced. We ascertain that your child gains confidence has high self-esteem, and develops both their inner and outer selves. Our curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Spoken English
  • Public Speaking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills

Our Spoken English students learn how to interact and socialize with others. The entire Spoken English curriculum is divided into 12 sessions. We assist struggling speakers in improving their language skills, including fluency, pronunciation, articulation, and sentence construction. We also help fluent English speakers in mastering the language to meet international standards. For a structured, outcome-driven spoken English program, we've partnered with international partners.

Our Public Speaking classes enable the students to deliver a speech in meetings, address a team, deliver a message to the audience and put forth ideas for a discussion. We offer public speaking classes in 12 sessions. We've partnered with Toastmasters International's international youth leadership program to provide children with the opportunity to learn and present in front of a global audience.

Students learn the following traits in our Emotional Intelligence classes which are provided in 12 sessions:

  • Knowing self by controlling stress and expressing emotions appropriately.
  • Recognizing and appreciating others' emotions.
  • Showing empathy for other people's feelings.
  • Establishing assertive communication through mutual respect.
  • Developing resiliency to recover quickly from adversity.
  • Fostering a growth mindset by instilling qualities such as dedication and perseverance.

Our Leadership Skills program consists of 12 sessions where students are taught several management traits.

➤  Teamwork - working with other students to achieve a common goal.

➤  Time management – Organize and plan how to allocate time to various activities.

➤  Goal setting – Give careful thought to what needs to be accomplished and then work hard to achieve it.

➤  Presentation skills - Present innovative and creative ideas most interestingly and engagingly possible.

➤  Outbound experience - Present in seminars, functions, and events in a professional manner.