Why enroll in our courses?

Every child has a distinct set of communication skills that can be developed to bring about holistic development. Enrolling the child in public speaking classes allows them to strengthen their oratory skills, broaden their abilities, and realize their ambitions of becoming future leaders.

  • The oratory skills that we teach learners are beneficial to their academic and professional careers.
  • Our communication courses can help you advance your career.
  • When children are trained at a young age, they can develop into confident and natural speakers, defeating fear and inhibitions.
  • Our public speaking tips for students help deliver motivational speeches, give professional presentations, and address training events.
  • The courses will help you become a dynamic speaker that will land you in leadership positions in your career.

Our public speaking courses

We take great care at MillenniumOne to ensure that your child's oratory skills are fully developed and improved. We ensure that your ward develops both their inner and outer selves and gains confidence and self-esteem to address a live audience. Skills in public speaking can help them gain self-confidence and advance in their careers. Our public speaking classes are divided into the following categories:

  • Session
  • Effective communication
  • Partnership
  • Learn at home

MillenniumOne offers three different knowledge sharing and training platforms – iTransform, iAspire, and iShine – that are tailored to the needs of each child. Our iTransform package includes 12 sessions of public speaking courses.

MillenniumOne's public speaking courses hone kids’ oratory skills, nurture their talent, and prepare them to be future efficacious communicators. Our classes prepare students to deliver a speech in a meeting, address a group, and deliver a message to an audience in a successful manner.

We've teamed up with Toastmasters International's International Youth Leadership program to give kids a platform to address a worldwide audience.

We are committed to developing the skills of the next generation in any place they are located in. Our holistic approach to after-school learning combines auditory and visual learning methods to provide online and live classes, allowing students to develop at home or other set-ups.