Our packages for different needs

A skill is defined as the ability to perform an activity competently. Each child possesses a distinct skill that can be honed to improve professional competence and achieve a personal goal. Education and training can help a child gain and improve their abilities. Skill development courses identify the skills of the child and provide training to help them improve and use them productively.

MillenniumOne offers different knowledge sharing and training platforms which are personalized according to the needs of each learner. These include:

  • iTransform (Revolutionary Transformation)
  • iAspire (Academic Excellence)
  • iShine (Future Readiness)

Our iShine package includes skill development for students in which we conduct a thorough student profiling and psychometric assessment using aptitude and skill tests to nurture students' abilities. Our skill development courses not only expand a student's opportunities but also empower them with advanced skills. So, we take great care to ensure that the child's abilities are fully recognized, developed, and enhanced.

Skills we nurture in students

Our skill enhancement program is centered on training that incorporates the best practices to improve a child's overall performance in any given area. We identify a child's knowledge and skills and work with them to improve and hone them so they can be better prepared for the future.

Hard Skills

We develop hard skills in students to help them carry out different jobs after they pass out from school. Our expert mentors enhance the technical, analytical, marketing, presentation, management, and other skills in students.

Soft Skills

Our program on soft skill development enhances the student's approach to life, work, and interpersonal relationships. We improve reading comprehension, enhance verbal communication, emphasize time management and teamwork, and train students on stress management, decision-making, and critical thinking.

Types of skill development courses we offer

Every child possesses a unique set of skills that, when properly developed, can be used to prepare them for future jobs. Enrolling the student in our skill enhancement program allows them to improve their abilities and achieve their goals. Our classes are designed in such a way that each learner discovers and develops their inner qualities to their full potential. We offer skill development courses in the following sections:

  • Spoken English
  • Public Speaking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Spoken English program is broken down into 12 sessions and we have collaborated with international partners for the program. We help fluent English speakers master the language and assist struggling speakers in improving their language skills, including fluency, and pronunciation.

Students' communication skills are improved through our Public Speaking classes. It helps them improve study skills, speaking skills, and critical thinking skills. Students learn how to speak in front of a large audience and present their creative ideas to the world during our 12 sessions of Public Speaking classes. To enable the children to present themselves in front of a worldwide audience, we've partnered with Toastmasters International's International Youth Leadership Program.

Students learn how to understand and manage their own and others' emotions in our 12-session Emotional Intelligence skill classes. Our skill enhancement courses for students benefit the students in terms of academic achievement, decision-making, and overall life success. Empathy, mutual respect, dedication, and perseverance are among the concepts taught to students. In our Emotional Intelligence classes, students learn the following characteristics:

  • Knowing self, understanding feelings of self and others, managing feelings
  • Empathy, aggression vs assertiveness
  • Resilience, growth mindset

Our Leadership Skills program consists of 12 sessions where students learn various leadership skills such as teamwork and time management to achieve a common goal. They are encouraged to present new and creative ideas that will help them become better leaders in the future. In our leadership classes, students get to know about:

  • ➤  Teamwork
  • ➤  Time management
  • ➤  Goal setting
  • ➤  Presentation skills
  • ➤  Outbound experience

Students' innovative talents and skills are nurtured in 15 sessions of Entrepreneurship classes. Our Entrepreneurship Skills development classes help students incorporate new skills and start thinking like a leader. Our entrepreneurship program encourages them to think outside the box and develop the following characteristics:

Idea creation, developing an idea

Promoting an idea, idea to product

Sales pitch, financial literacy